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Holiday Hours: In-store shopping will be open until 3:00 p.m. on December 31st and closed on New Year's Day. We wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season.
Holiday Hours: In-store shopping will be open until 3:00 p.m. on December 31st and closed on New Year's Day. We wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season.
Vitamix FoodCycler – Easy Composting At Home

Vitamix FoodCycler – Easy Composting At Home

Meet the FoodCycler FC-50 from Vitamix

A compact grinding, heating, and drying system to reduce food waste down to a fraction of its original volume – the FoodCycler transforms food scraps into fertilizer. It reduces your family's food waste and provides you with easy compost at home.

This cubic device comes with a compost bin which is easily removable and can be placed under your kitchen counter to collect food waste. Once full, this bucket is put back into the FoodCycler that transforms your waste into compost within a few hours. It also has activated carbon filters to eliminate food waste odours, making it ideal for indoor use.

How does the Vitamix FoodCycler Work?

The Foodcycler has a simple interface – a single power button to get the cycle started. Toss your food scraps into the bucket after every meal, place the bucket back into the FoodCycler, press start and relax. The FoodCycler does this by first grinding and heating the food waste to chop it up, followed by a cooling cycle.

And the best part? You can feed your FoodCycler with fruit cores, vegetable peels, dairy, chicken bones, and even pet food. After all, you'll be making significantly fewer trips to your building's compost room. No more stuffing your refrigerator with bags of scraps; the FoodCycler will downsize it all!

An Excellent Option for Garden Fertilizer

The Vitamix FoodCycler is an excellent option for anyone with kitchen gardening or landscaping needs. In addition to making quick work of any leftover scraps, the mulched food makes for an easy, nutrient-rich garden fertilizer for your plants. Vitamix recommends composting a combination of high-fibrous, diverse foods—to make the healthiest compost.

Wildlife such as rats and raccoons are also less attracted to the mulch the FoodCycler puts out, which has made it a godsend for some of our customers dwelling in remote areas.

By reducing the food volume (up to 90%) of food waste thrown out every day, the FoodCycler is worth it even for non-gardeners.

The FoodCycler is Easy to Use, Convenient & Quiet

The icing on the cake? The FoodCycling bin is dish washable. No more rinsing out a smelly and gross compost bucket. Its removable waste bucket is easy to carry from the kitchen to the garden, and the carbon filter lid stops unpleasant odours from leaking out. Additionally, the FoodCyler works quietly - so you can run multiple cycles during the day without disturbing the peace of your home.

With so many raving reviews, we are excited to bring the Vitamix FoodCycler to Espressotec. Pick up your Vitamix FoodCycler today and compost efficiently while making your life just that much easier.

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